Editing project

  • Attending a Sidelines meeting

I attended the weekly Sidelines meeting on Friday, March 23. Not a lot of people were there that day, but there were quite a few of us from the Lifestyles section. Katrina Johnson and I pitched the idea to cover MTSU’s annual fashion show put on by the textiles, merchandising and design students. We talked about it with the Lifestyles editor, Tayhlor Stephenson, and we also decided it would be cool to live-tweet the show from the Sidelines Lifestyles account on Twitter. A few other people also pitched ideas including a movie review and coverage of an Easter egg hunt on campus that weekend.

  • Writing a story for Sidelines

Here is the link to the story I wrote with Katrina Johnson covering MTSU’s annual fashion show on Saturday, March 24.

  • Copyediting errors on Sidelines
  1. “It feels really nice because I did put a lot of work and effort into this collection,” Oleis said. “I was worried because it’s tie-dye ice-dye. That’s really loud and I don’t know if that’s for everyone, so I’m glad that it was appreciated.” (from http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/03/photos-mtsu-txmd-spring-2018-runway-show-recap)
  2. “Project Runway” runner-up and MTSU alumna Ayana Ife said, “Our winner Anna (Oleis), she did a really exceptional job. I mean, her runway presence was great, fit was good … a lot of time, pressing is overlooked in upcoming designers, so pressing was really good. Her color choices were good, everything was really well put together (put-together), very cohesive.” (from http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/03/photos-mtsu-txmd-spring-2018-runway-show-recap/)
  3. The pleats on this satin gown created slimming vertical lines, (delete the comma) that added a touch of harmony. (from http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/03/2018-oscars-best-dressed-list/)
  4. The dress flowed elegantly at the bottom but was form fitting (form-fitting) at her waist, which gave the gown a good balance. (from http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/03/2018-oscars-best-dressed-list/)
  5. She looked amazing in a crimson, (delete the comma) velvet gown that complimented (complemented) her figure. (from http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/03/2018-oscars-best-dressed-list/)
  6. The crimson tint on her eyes, lips and cheeks is (delete “is”) complimented (complemented) the rest of her look. (from http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/03/2018-oscars-best-dressed-list/)
  7. New York Fashion Week came to a close Friday, Feb. 16, (Wednesday, Feb. 14,) following the presentations of various designers’ Fall/Winter 2018 collections. (from http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/02/how-to-wear-one-of-the-hottest-trends-from-this-years-new-york-fashion-week/)
  8. If your closest (closet) consists of bodysuits, jean jackets, dresses and tops, then you need to check out their website. (from http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/02/sidelines-guidelines-where-to-find-fashionable-plus-size-clothing/)
  9. Make up (Makeup) guru Carli Bybel has a collection with this fashion brand, and she’s incredibly stylish. (from http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/02/sidelines-guidelines-where-to-find-fashionable-plus-size-clothing/)
  10. Windsor is the place to shop if you have a fancy event to attend such as a red carpet (red-carpet) affair. (from http://mtsusidelines.com/2018/02/sidelines-guidelines-where-to-find-fashionable-plus-size-clothing/)



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